Plants design


Plant design and layout

When designing a plant, its layout is what makes the difference between an efficient and an inefficient solution, that is to say between a profitable or non profitable plant. In order to design a good plant, it is not enough to supply a furnace, a kettle and cranes. It is important to analyze the operational flows of materials, resources, power and find the best balance based on the customer’s needs.

The simplification of these flows and the analysis of production times are one of our strengths in plant design. Gimeco’s founder and owner, Mr. Moroni, and his technical staff, know so deeply the hot dip galvanizing process that they can be considered true specialists of hot dip galvanizing. Therefore, they can provide important suggestions not only for plant design, but also for its future management.

Many of our customers appreciate us because we have helped them reaching the highest level of quality in production, which means a fast return on investment.

All our staff shares our vision, which is focused on the satisfaction and fulfilment of all our customers’ expectations. At Gimeco, every new project is a new challenge.

Plants design