Plants building


Commissioning a plant

Gimeco is famous for the high level of quality expressed in the commissioning of its plants. Building and commissioning a plant is the most visible phase of our job, as it takes place at the customer’s premises. That’s also why we want our customer and his technical staff to perfectly understand what we are doing: it is the first step to be able to efficiently run the plant in the future and our skilled technicians are there for this purpose. In order to build a plant we employ our own qualified personnel that will be coordinated by an experienced supervisor on site.

A dedicated project manager will be presiding over the general workflow of the project and act as a permanent connection between the people on site and Gimeco’s in house resources. This structure helps keeping deadlines under control and verifying the quality of the installation, step by step.

Some of the major industrial groups in the world have chosen Gimeco as their partner for manufacturing hot dip galvanizing plants and our numerous installations worldwide are living proof of our ability to commission perfectly efficient plants.

Plant commissioning