Plant maintenance


Plants maintenance efficiency

Maintenance is usually an important cost in any industrial plant. Gimeco knows that maintenance needs to be easy, economical and fast. We therefore design our plants and equipment focusing on such goals, choosing the best high quality components available on the market; as well as also designing machines that are easy to maintain.

“The easiest machine to repair is the one that never breaks”: a principle we try to observe in sourcing the highest quality components for our systems. On top of this, we also try to design our equipment to make it easy to lubricate, clean, change out parts.

When this is not enough, customers can contact our customer care service: our technicians speak 14 languages and can solve any problem by giving detailed instructions over the phone and email, or intervening on site in every part of the world. In some nations, like France, Germany, the United States, we have dedicated permanent resources that are available full time  for that market.

Moreover, our warehouse is fully stocked with spare parts and efficient in delivery, so that you will never have to wait when ordering one of our components.

Plant maintenance