Mechanical design


Mechanical design installation

Mechanical design is a key element in the design of galvanizing plants. The strict conditions of use are the premise of sizing and configuration of each machine, choice of materials and mechanical treatments, insulation and thermal yields.

We employ a deep specialist knowledge and design robust and durable machines. In companies around the world are still perfectly working with great customer satisfaction, furnaces and machinery delivered more than twenty years ago.

The design is totally carried out by the internal staff and can boast the merit of creating innovative and revolutionary proposals for the sector. The technical office has profound knowledge of mechanical design, thermodynamics, pneumatics, electromechanical and anti-corrosion treatments, which allow it to identify solutions “tailored” and easy to maintain.

All the proposed equipment has been conceived, designed and developed at home, ensuring the continuous improvement of the offer to be proposed to the market. Gimeco is famous everywhere for its innovative ability.

Mechanical design