Systems installation


Industrial installations and design

Gimeco’s great experience in plant design and commissioning is now fully available to Customers worldwide. Thanks to a great reputation built on continuous innovation and a capacity to fulfil the expectations of its customers, Gimeco designs efficient industrial installations, entirely tailored to the specific needs of the user and up to par with the highest quality and efficiency standards.

Optimal project management always starts with careful consideration for available spaces and product range: this will allow optimize plant productivity, equipping it with suitable equipment, while keeping a satisfactory level of flexibility. Full automation in any installation is possible at any time, reducing the impact of the human factor and achieving a greater consistency in process parameters as well as cutting costs. Automated plants always include a remote supervision and control software and extensive storage capabilities for all process based data. During the designing stages of the project, we will discuss with customers all the key details in the relevant steps of the process: the hot section, the pretreatment section, lifting and handling systems, specific internal logistics and automation.

Plant design