Steel finishing


Steel finishing and materials preparation

The final appearance and steel finishing is represented by the protective coating that forms in the items’ surface at the end of hot dip galvanization, followed by further materials preparation in order to eliminate any imperfections.

The finishing’s layer is homogeneous and “bound” to steel, with obvious benefits against any other anti-corrosion treatment. Different layers with higher or lower zinc presence (starting from an initial 70% percentage) are clearly distinguishable.

During the overall materials preparation there is the possibility for inaccuracies and drippings in the outer film to form, specially during the extraction of the steel that is about to be galvanized from the tub. In these circumstances it is possible to get a better steel finishing through a manual process by the use of small hand tools.

Steel finishing, once the materials preparation concludes, might appear less shiny than expected or in need of some retouching. The necessity of such tweaking might be significantly reduced with a clear dialogue between client and galvanizer.


Steel finishing