Steel treatment


Steel treatment and finishings

By the end of the galvanizing process, a steel treatment phase might be necessary to give artifacts a galvanized steel finish by removing any thickening and dripping. Unsightly “pins”, bulges or lumps, caused by the molten zinc’s cooling in the material extraction stage, are removed during this metalworking procedure,.

If the size of these flaws is meager, then no further steel treatment is needed. In cases where absolute precision is required to obtain a better finish (for mounting assembled parts, for example), these small imperfections are taken out through abrasion.

Materials finishing is done manually with the aid of a mill file, an angular grinding wheel and a flexible disk for the purpose of carefully checking that the protective coating is not stripped away during the steel finish.

Gimeco srl guarantees both quality and reliability through the entire processing time due to its decades-long consolidated expertise in the industry.

Effective materials finishing results are achieved at the conclusion of the metalworking cycle.


Steel treatment