Zinc spraying


Zinc spraying one of the most useful galvanization types

The zinc spraying procedure is carried out with particular kinds of spray guns that are continuously loaded with zinc wire. This galvanizing process occurs through the protective metal’s fusion and pulverization with a gas flame.

Zinc spraying technique is one of those galvanization types that are absolutely incapable of deforming any products subjected to it, during the galvanizing process the artifact’s temperature never goes over 85°C. Such galvanization types make possible to treat massive size components, always guaranteeing an external coating of excellent finishings and quality.

Spraying action uses a physical fixture and because of this it would be necessary to create a certain roughness on the surface.  The zinc spraying operations are mainly performed by hand. If  the item’s measures render it plausible, it can be done automatically.

This galvanizing process is prefered on large items because it can guarantee a long lasting protection, longer than the one ensured by traditional varnishing.


Zinc spraying