Trivalent galvanizing


Trivalent galvanizing range of plating and prerogatives

The trivalent galvanizing technique consists in chromic passivation on the galvanized surface. Galvanization types such as this have replaced over time  the hexavalent chromium based process, which is highly carcinogenic, thanks to the several advantages it has brought. This process is characterized by an intrinsic low impact on the environment, complying with the latest ROHS regulations.

Trivalent galvanizing, like other galvanization types, has the purpose of protecting a given piece of steel from the action of external agents. It also has the function of polishing it, offering an aesthetic feature.

The trivalent treatment involves separated types of baths and cycles with different substances, producing protective layers that are either white and look a lot like those made by the older method or an iridescent yellow, that varies slightly from the former by using dye and diminishing the product’s endurance.

Some of the benefits posed by this kind of galvanization are: the possibility to obtain completely differentiated finishes, great penetration capacity, improved oxidation resistance and lower ecological footprint than in the past. It complies with the most strict environmental and workplace safety standards.


Trivalent galvanizing