Roto barrel galvanization


Roto barrel galvanization a procedure for small parts

Roto barrel galvanization is one of the less common galvanizing types. It is a specially suitable process for smaller pieces, in which barrels are rotated during processing, guaranteeing a uniform and homogeneous galvanized surface for materials.

Also in this case of high thickness uniformity electrolytic galvanizing, the artifact that’s about to be treated passes through some previous pre-treatment stages such as degreasing and pickling. The item is subjected to an electrolysis process that allows zinc ions to migrate towards steel, covering it accurately and forming a white (or yellow if the client requests it) passivation layer.

The advantages of roto barrel galvanization are found in its resilience, cleanliness, luster and protection from corrosion, even for artifacts like screws or bolts, which might risk damaged if they were processed in bulk.

The protective film’s relevance can be variable, just like other types of features that you can specify to our technical staff. Rely on the unmatched experience, efficiency and accuracy that we have achieved over the years.


Roto barrel galvanization