Mechanical galvanizing


Mechanical galvanizing substantial convenience and uses

Once the thorough cleaning of the parts to be treated is done, mechanical galvanizing  is one of the galvanization types that is increasingly finding more space and demand. Indeed it proves to be a process that offers numerous benefits and meets quality and reliability standards demanded by types of industry that use steel products (automotive, mechanical engineering, construction, etc).

This method consists of an anticorrosive high resistance coating, free from embrittlement problems due to the presence of hydrogen, obtained with low energy consumption.
Why choose mechanical galvanizing? Its advantages are many, starting by the possibility of mass-production resulting in potential savings and cost efficiency. Unlike electrolytic galvanization, it doesn’t embrittle even the most susceptible components, features an uniform thickness and an excellent adhesion of the protective film.

An article subjected to mechanical galvanizing is very resistant to corrosion and has a strong electrical conductivity.

Among the process’ prerogatives, there is its great sustainability.


Mechanical galvanizing