Material preparation galvanizing

Material preparation for galvanizing starting procedure

Adequate material preparation before galvanizing is a critical step in this process. The steel’s surface to be coated must be perfectly clean and free from calamine, rusting and any processing oils in order to guarantee a successful reaction between both metals.

The material preparation phase for galvanizing involves procedures designed to ensure the items’ cleanliness through a two distinct phases treatment. The first one consists of degreasing baths, with specific solutions that eliminate greases and lubricants. The second stage is represented by pickling them in acid (that may have different compositions) to remove scales, oxides and rust. If there are paints or glazes, mechanical cleaning must be resorted to.

It is always crucial to avoid gaps in the material preparation, since an imperfect removal of foreign bodies may cause defects in the protective layer. For example, paint and oil create burns due to combustion from unremoved residues when in contact with the molten zinc.

Preparazione del materiale