Hot Dip galvanizing design

Hot Dip galvanizing design


In a global economy dominated by the debate on resources and with a growing ecological consciousness, the galvanizing sector must seek new sustainable design solutions. Hot dip galvanizing is an energy intensive industry and producing an extremely sustainable finished product, which can compete with the best in the world, is a challenge.

The best place to start is the hot dip galvanizing furnace: it’s the place where the most energy is consumed, emissions are generated and certainly it is the one part of the plant that is non-negotiable. Equally, the furnace is also the place where quality is generated, zinc consumption is controlled and better performance can directly impact the bottom line. For this reason, the partners of eFurnace – Zinco Service and Gimeco Impianti – have decided to venture into an engineering feat: putting together some of the most innovative ideas they have developed so far and mix them with new intuitions to create the furnace of the 21st century. And to do this they have received 1.3 million euros funding form the SME Instrument Phase 2.

Gimeco Impianti brings to the table a solid experience on designing galvanizing furnaces of all categories: natural gas fired, electric and heavy fuel fired. Gimeco is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the hot dip galvanizing industry, normally involved in the projects from the preliminary general layout, through all steps up to the final start-up either of complete lines or individual equipments.

As regards e-Furnace, Gimeco looks at redesigning the natural gas fired furnace with new, biocompatible insulation materials, more refined control algorithms and smart maintenance.