Pretreatment tanks manufacturing


Pretreatment installations

Our pretreatment tanks are highly modular and offer both robustness and lean structures. Basing on the specific sizes and placement in the plant, we can build stand-alone tanks, either single or double, complete with their own external support structure, protected by special coatings. The supporting structure to the tanks is built with open section steel profiles, as to avoid dangerous internal and invisible corrosion, which is also slowed down by special multiple coatings of paint. Paints and application techniques are in fact the result of a long standing collaboration with some of the most competent paint suppliers in the Country.

Another key feature in our tanks is the specific type of plastic that we select. This is always picked to be the best in class for mechanical resistance, thermal shock resistance and fireproof qualities. In addition, all tanks are connected by special polypropylene walkways which avoid dripping from the working surface down into the basin and onto the supporting structure. This produces a dry, safe and low corrosion environment for the steel supporting structures.

Heating systems and other piping are all placed under the visible walking surface, as to reduce their risk of damage and increase the safety of operators.  Loading ports and collection pits are also designed to be safe and easy to operate.

All our pretreatment installations are equipped with protection against accidental material falling or any other mechanical damage deriving from routine operations.

Pretreatment tanks