Pretreatment heating systems


Pre-treatment heating systems

Our pretreatment heating systems are perfectly placed inside each tank. The heat exchanger is protected by a robust, thick polypropylene plate, equipped with a large number of aptly sized holes, which ensure that liquids are circulating while the serpentine is protected from accidental shocks.

Serpentines in the exchangers are always built with suitable materials that would withstand chemical aggression in all environments. The heating system for acid tanks is normally based on heat recovery from hot fumes coming from the galvanizing furnace: through direct or indirect exchange, energy is efficiently recovered to generate great savings.

Every Gimeco plant is fully equipped with an efficient pretreatment heating system, which ensures all tanks are suitably heated to the desired temperatures. It is quite commonly accepted that heating pretreatment solutions will increase their efficiency and shorten up process times. Temperatures in the tanks are automatically regulated by our management software, which in turn transmits data to the supervising interface. In order to build a durable system, high quality components are always selected, with special attention being put in motorized 3-way- valves that prove to be a key element.

No galvanizing company can underestimate the importance of proper pretreatment heating if it wants to guarantee consistent surface quality.

Gimeco is offering innovation and quality at every step of the process.

Pretreatment heating systems