Innovation in pretreament in hot dip galvanizing


Innovation in pretreament in hot dip galvanizing

Innovation in pretreament is certainly one of the new frontiers in hot dip galvanizing.

Pretreatment has traditionally been considered with a conservative approach and not a lot of attention has been devolved to its improvement. Gimeco, however, has always seen this part of the process as instrumental to higher quality standards. That is why Gimeco has created an internal department to study the improvement of pickling and pretreatment practices. Thanks to close cooperation with some of Gimeco Group’s Companies, as well as forward thinking industrial partners and research centres, we have now built a wide knowledge on degreasing, pickling and fluxing optimization.

Gimeco has therefore mastered the science of surface preparation, to provide Customers with optimized and stable solutions.

Such innovation in pickling and pretreatment in general can be seen in new options being proposed to the market:

  • new chemicals for high efficiency degreasing in both alkaline and acidic solutions;
  • turbulence enhanced pickling thanks to special turbine technology;
  • process management techniques to produce perfectly smooth pickled surfaces, thus generating lower zinc pick-up;
  • flux management to comply with the specific requirements of a wide array of zinc bath composition and new alloys.
Innovation in pretreament in hot dip galvanizing