Pretreatment section

The pretreatment section is a fundamental part of the hot dip galvanizing installation. In the pretreatment section, in addition to proper pickling tanks, degreasing, rinsing, fluxing and acid stripping tanks are also located. All operations pertaining the chemical preparation of the steel surface to be galvanized are performed in the pretreatment section. Traditionally, these steps in surface preparation have not been the center focus of galvanizers, mostly because of the intrinsic robustness of the entire process.

Gimeco has developed and introduced to the market an advanced and up-to-date concept in pretreatment management, which is an essential part of the Company’s wider mission to promote a forward thinking hot dip galvanizing culture. Customers who have embraced such innovative approach have already experimented with the efficiency of Gimeco’s pretreatment concept. The main advantages for Customers adopting our automatic pretreatment managament systems are :

  • chemical consistency in the process with relating unprecedented improvement in average product quality;
  • reduction in the number of operators needed in the pretreatment area;
  • full compliance to the strictest environmental regulations;
  • total capture and abatment of acid fumes, with ensuing protection of the building structure.

Gimeco’s pretreatment concepts are considered the state of the art in hot dip galvanizing technology and know-how, so much so that they are quickly becoming a reference standard for all kinds of Customers.