Pre-Galvanizing Drier


Pre Galvanizing Process

The usefulness of a pre-galvanizing drier cannot be challenged. In fact, in a standard hot dip galvanizing process, the drier allows to eliminate splashes generated by moist materials (enhanced safety) as well as to form a uniform flux film on products’ surfaces (higher coating quality). In addition, drying allows to basically pre-heat materials (around 100-130°C) to reduce the temperature delta with molten zinc (450°C) and therefore drastically reduce the risk of warping on single pieces. Gimeco is a strong supporter of this technology and knows quite well how an efficient drier is instrumental to great galvanized product quality.

In the standard Gimeco plant, an efficient heat recovery system is installed at the flue exit in the galvanizing furnace, allowing to recuperate large amounts of energy and use it in the drier and making the use of this device economically viable.

To enhance efficiency and make transit smooth, Gimeco often integrates the drying section in the overall internal logistics, so that materials transit through it while moving from the pretreatment to the galvanizing kettle. This in fact becomes a continuous tunnel that is directly connected to both steps of the process, allowing minimal heat dispersion and great speed of transit.

In recent customer surveys, Gimeco’s customers have expressed strong satisfaction in using a drier and stated that they would not want to go back to a plant configuration that would not include it.

Pre-Galvanizing Drier