Pipe threading machine


Pipe threading machines

Pipe threading machines are a fundamental part of all pipe hot dip galvanizing plants. In order to complete the typical treatment process, the threading machine is usually installed at the finishing stages, where it performs outer threading on pipes’ ends according to locally applied standards and norms.

Thanks to our 50 year experience in pipe finishing technologies, we can respond to all our Customers’ needs, offering the best sum of Gimeco’s and Cotimpi’s know-how.

Our standard pipe galvanizing line incorporates two threading machines, sitting opposite one to another, so that at each working cycle a single pipe is simultaneously and fully treated at both ends.

Our pipe threading machine, developed by merging the best solutions from Gimeco and Cotimpi, can perform conical threading as well as parallel one, depending on the appropriate tooling choices.

A dedicated automatic lubrication and cooling system allows to obtain high quality threads while preserving long lasting tools. Changing dimensions and lengths on threads is easy and quick. Gimeco can guarantee high quality standards, using threading heads that would automatically open, while special grabbing systems and accurate, sophisticated speed and advancement controls are also deployed.

Pipe threading machine