Pipe galvanizing line

Pipe galvanizing line plant and manufacturing

We have developed a state of the art pipe galvanizing line within a section of our plant, in order to optimize and standarize the manufacturing process and achieve higher quality levels.

Gimeco srl, leader in its sector, features a semi-automated galvanizing plant that is dedicated to pipe treating and finishing. Its processing sessions are similar to those performed during standard galvanization. The materials’ passage from the manufacturing line to the galvanizing kettle is entirely automatic.

Internal and external pipe blowing machinery is critical for the galvanizing line. A distinct water vapor jets technique becomes necessary to release any excess zinc from the pipe’s inside after getting extracted from the tank. The plant’s entire galvanizing and manufacturing lines have been devised to operate with utmost efficiency and to guarantee continuous production cycles.

The same line has a series of equipment capable of working a wide range of pipes that might need to be galvanized. This facility also uses an assorted line of specific appliances such as: tube milling, crimping and chamfering machines, untangling benches, pipe straighteners and much more.

Galvanised steel pipe