Pipe Facing Machines


Facing machines

Pipe facing machines are built to perform machining on both ends of a pipe, as to provide a product that would have finely machined surfaces, sometimes even including angled machining, both externally and internally.  Our facing machines have been refined over the years to be integrated with the general automatic production, forming and hot dip galvanizing line as well as to be deployed as self standing solutions. With the specific needs of a general pipe production line in mind, we have developed facing machines with different technical features: single or multiple head machines, fixed or fluctuating head machines, all aimed at targeting the specific needs of our customers.

Using quite complex technologies to control speed and advancement on the pipes, we can supply the market with extremely flexible solutions.  Special pipe handling systems which are customized on single or multiple head machines ensure that pipes are safely and efficiently transferred from one production stage to the next.  All operations are automatically performed and controlled by the supervision software installed on board.

Pipe Facing Machine