Load lifting

Loads lifting

Lifting loads in a safe and efficient way is one of Gimeco’s most important commitments. In all our modern plants, areas dedicated to loads lifting or movement are separated so that the operators can work as safely as possible, avoiding any interference with non authorized personnel. Movement areas are separated by physical or electronic barriers, and lifting operations are allowed only when the authorized personnel has removed any obstacle from the area.

These solutions imply deep knowledge of working procedures in a hot dip galvanizing plant and a clear vision of how to optimize workforce organization.

Gimeco’s equipments for loads lifting can perfectly control spaces: this is possible thanks to our control systems, which are entirely designed and programmed by our industrial automation department.

The perfect integration between the mechanical/pneumatic and the electronic components is the result of our long experience in building hot dip galvanizing plants all over the world. This is what makes our reputation so good!

Load lifting