Lifting beam


Galvanizing universal racks

The standard universal rack is a key element for the efficiency and ergonomics of any hot dip galvanizing plant. Gimeco’s racks are as light as possible in relation to the load, so not to diminish the performances of the lifting system.

Thanks to its 40 years experience in hot dip galvanizing worldwide, Gimeco can help customers design the most suitable racking systems for their products.

Our lifting structures are designed to work both in traditional plants and in our new automatic plants. They can easily be tracked by solid metallic labels and are protected from environmental conditions by specific painting cycles, that shield them from temperature changes and acid environments.

We can propose the best solutions for racking, reducing the quick consumption of equipment parts and iron wire.

Our lifting structures are tough, ergonomic and long lasting: they represent a key element in the added value of Gimeco’s plants all over the world.

Galvanizing universal racks