Electric hoists

High quality electric hoists

Gimeco produces high quality electric hoists, especially designed for the use in a hot dip galvanizing plant: the details and toughness of their manufacturing, the smartness of their electrical components, and their long-lasting performance, also thanks to high protection against corrosion, make our hoists the real state of the art in the hot dip galvanizing sector.

Gimeco’s hoists benefit from smart gears that allow the best compromise between lifting speed and torque, thanks to our long experience in the field.

Our hoists are the perfect choice to eliminate idle times: with our monorail system and electric hoists the customer can manage a continuous flow of materials coming in and out of the plant in total flexibility, optimizing the productive capacity of the furnace, which is the heart of the entire system.

Gimeco’s electrical hoists are designed to minimize lateral span on ropes and align hooks, which allows to enter enclosed pretreatment tunnels or galvanizing hoods through sealing rubber elements, minimizing fume escape.

Electric hoists