Overhead conveyor


Lifting systems

Each component in the lifting equipment is stressed to the maximum in hot dip galvanizing: no standard equipment would be able to withstand this treatment.

Gimeco designs, in collaboration with its customers, highly efficient and perfectly integrated lifting systems for the hot dip galvanizing process. Equipment is designed and built to be dependable and long lasting, down to the smallest part: mechanical resistance, easiness of maintenance and durable protection against harsh environments are key features. Gimeco builds a wide range of special bridge cranes and monorail systems for demanding and intensive use, covering all possible legal requirements: from typical A4/M4 class to the taxing levels of the A8/M8 class. Electrical and electronic components are chosen for frequent and continuous uses in aggressive environments, typically found in hot dip galvanizing plants.

Our lifting devices are by standard equipped with inverters: this allows a potentially infinite range of operating speeds, whilst encoders combine such speed with outstanding placement positioning and automation.

Lifting equipment