Transfer machines

Transfer solutions

Amongst possible transfer solutions, transfer trolleys are one of the most efficient and reliable choices. This specific solution is normally adopted to transfer universal racks from racking stations to pretreatment areas and then from the galvanizing kettle back to the un-racking and finishing areas. The transfer trolley typically works automatically, or semi-automatically, along completely segregated areas equipped with suitable rails. Safety is up and centre, with no interference with normal racking and un-racking operations performed manually, increasing efficiency and decreasing the use of dedicated forklifts. Using transfer trolleys is a money saving solution, which eliminates substantial additional investments on internal logistics and time lost during transfers, while also reducing dramatically the number of needed forklifts in the plant.

Transfer trolleys designed by Gimeco can be equipped with several different powering solutions, depending on the specific local context. We can build trolleys that would be directly powered by the local electrical grid, as well as battery powered ones that would automatically recharge during use.

Our transfer trolleys can also be equipped with automatic racks movements and are seamlessly integrated with our general overhead systems.

Transfer trolleys