White Fume Hoods


Fume capture hood design

White fumes hoods are an indispensable element in capturing white fumes coming from the hot dip galvanizing process. Hoods are usually built in a very sturdy and durable structure, which can perform for a very long time in service. Operators in the galvanizing plant can easily operate the moving parts and perform their duties with the highest level of safety and comfort.

The capture system is based on the principle of a totally enclosed hood that would potentially capture 100% of the white fumes. The entire system is made of three main parts:

– the hood itself, a steel structure that is normally built on top of the galvanizing kettle and is equipped with sliding horizontal doors or short end doors to allow easy access to the bath;

– the suction system, made of proper pipes and an electric fan;

– the filtering and abatement system, connected to the final flue stack, which will discharge perfectly clean fumes into the atmosphere.

The hood is normally installed onto the kettle, but in some specific cases Gimeco has designed mobile hoods that would be attached to overhead crane systems. This is done when racks enter the galvanizing bath from one of the two long sides.

Each fume capture hood designed by Gimeco will ensure maximum efficiency and safety, reducing hassles and risks for workers in the plant.

White Fume Hoods