Furnace box

Hot dip galvanizing furnaces

The galvanizing furnace is undoubtedly the heart of an hot dip galvanizing plant: energy efficiency, kettle life and product quality all depend on how good the design and engineering of the furnace are. Ultimately, even the profitability of the plant is deeply connected to the quality of furnace engineering.

Inside the combustion chamber, the real heart of the furnace, thermal energy is produced in order to keep molten zinc within the optimal temperature range. Excellence in combustion chambers is the result of accurate energy balance calculation, precision in mechanism assembly and perfect insulation selection. Gimeco builds its galvanizing furnaces without compromises: improving every single feature to make sure the galvanizer gets unrivalled galvanizing performance.

The new dual chamber galvanizing furnace has quickly become a paradigm shift within the industry, especially when it comes to fine-tuned combustion control. This in turn provides galvanizers with the sort of control they are seeking to improve process management.

Our technical staff will support galvanizers in choosing the best technical solution for their specific needs, thanks to over four decades of experience in the hot dip galvanizing industry as well as constant innovation in numerous installations across the World.


Furnace box