White fumes abatment

White fumes capture and abatment system

Every modern hot dip galvanizing plant must be equipped with a suitable white fumes capture and abatement system. White fumes generated by the immersion of steel in the molten zinc bath are segregated inside the hood above the galvanizing kettle. From here, they are sucked by a ventilation system and filtered efficiently by a bag filter, before being safely discharged in the atmosphere.

Any efficient white fume abatement system should be based on:

  • a well designed and built fume hood over the kettle, as to avoid any accidental and unwanted fume escape;
  • a suction system that would efficiently remove the white fumes from the hood and convey them to the filtering system, minimizing load loss and optimizing energy consumption;
  • an efficient particulate filtering system that would provide enough filtering surfaces and automatic self-cleaning and regeneration systems;
  • a flue stack that would be easily accessible at given locations, to allow fume analysis on a regular basis, as requested by government agencies and local regulations.

Gimeco can now propose white fumes capture and abatement systems that could either be based on a fixed fume hood over the galvanizing kettle or travel with the overhead crane that works over the kettle itself.  Both products are equipped with easy to use side windows and sliding doors, allowing easy and quick access to the bath and workers protection against splashes and falls.

White fumes abatment