Electric automatic systems


Electric automatic system: energy efficiency

Electric automatic systems have been a standard feature in most industrial plants for years now.

However, designing highly energy efficient electric automatic systems is really a new frontier in galvanizing installations. Our highly qualified internal resources and our solid galvanizing experience allow Gimeco to merge energy efficiency and easiness of design and maintenance on our equipment.

Young and qualified engineers form our internal industrial automation department: energy efficiency is in their DNA. All Gimeco systems are therefore designed and built for top performance and energy efficiency. Extensive use of sensors in the plant allows our software to control real time energy demands from the equipment and constantly streamline the energy consumption at each location. High quality components have been selected over the years to allow robustness, easiness of use and maintenance.

Thanks to advanced remote control and troubleshooting, Gimeco can also support Customers at all times, spotting critical steps and areas and helping with making the most of their plants.

Electric automatic system