Containment basin


Containment basins: safe plant design

Building a fully self contained and safe containment basin is a fundamental step in safe plant design.

Gimeco protects the basin with the use of extremely robust PVC foils which are hot welded on site.

In addition, separation additional membranes are inserted between the PVC and the concrete construction. Accessible areas to operators include increased protection with walkable carpets that would prevent accidental damage by falling parts or tools. Joints are made by personnel who is fully qualified to perform hot welding on PCV surfaces and edges are protected by special profiles. Thanks to the strict separation between the acid tanks top surface and the underlining structure, the outside environment results in a dry area with no trace of acid.

Protection on the basin and the parts that it hosts is also facilitated by an interesting Gimeco containment system for unexpected tank ruptures.

Gimeco’s pretreatment systems protect your investment and make sure you can sleep tight at all times!

Containment basin