Bag filters

Bag filters: equipped with automatic lime metering systems

Our bag filters are entirely designed to be compliant to the needs and standards of the hot dip galvanizing industry. Gimeco is in fact focused on all the specific elements: thickness of the textiles, overall filtering surfaces, speed of fume circulation and overall temperatures of operation, so that emissions in the atmosphere are constantly within legal limits and the bag filter is easily managed.

Our bag filters are equipped with automatic lime metering systems that will introduce the right amount of powder to protect filtering bags, while strong blowing and lime recovery avoid clogging of mechanisms.

The most important features in a filtering system are simplicity and reliability.

A white fumes bag filter must be problem free and Gimeco, thanks to its extensive experience, can supply reliable and undemanding equipment. Exposure to several different local regulations have helped us refine filtering systems that would minimize load loss while being fully compliant, saving money with the use of smaller size fans.

Bag filters