Environmental protection


Environmental sustainability in galvanizing plants

Environmental sustainability in galvanizing plants is a very clear priority in Gimeco’s vision. Gimeco has traditionally been strongly oriented to environmental impact reduction in the galvanizing process: a technological drive that has helped galvanized steel becoming a fully sustainable solution.

In the field of galvanizing installations, Gimeco’s engineering is widely recognized as being driven by an attention to specifics that would be compatible with the strictest Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practices.

Such a comprehensive approach to sustainability encompasses a wide range of plant features: fume caption and abatement solutions, building protection, furnace energy efficiency, power saving solutions, heat recovery systems and, last but not least, specific systems for workers’ health and safety maximization. Gimeco is actively committed to sustainability, to the point of being widely acknowledged by public officials and agencies in several Countries when it comes to the best sustainable design for hot dip galvanizing installations.

Safety in plant design

When designing an automatic plant, safety is the on top of the list. As automation increases in the plant, control systems have to be reliable and safe. The productivity and efficiency of a machine are nothing without the utmost level of safety. All our automatic systems work in total safety, using redundant circuits or other failure-proof components that detect and analyze the signal they receive, to make sure this is not a false input caused by a sensor malfunctioning.

Automation and safety are two interconnected aspects of the same approach to production: safety becomes the result of combining automated solutions and equipment that reduce risks. Only then, automation is really improving productivity and allowing extraordinary performances.

To achieve this goal Gimeco has developed special software that can verify the nature of signals they receive, or consider them with advanced algorithms installed in PLCs. Safety relay and “fail-safe” modules are also deployed regularly.

Gimeco’s automation: safety first.