Centrifuge hot dip galvanizing


Centrifuge hot dip galvanizing installation

A centrifuge hot dip galvanizing installation is the best option when it comes to galvanizing small parts. Quality on finished products is obtained thanks to a spinning process that eliminates excess zinc in a centrifuge. In a modern hot dip galvanizing plant, Gimeco can offer several different centrifuge configurations. On one hand, we can build highly automated, dedicated spin plants, with one to three separate robots. Or we can propose flexible, customized hybrid solutions to be temporarily used in kettles that are mostly used for batch galvanizing.

Different solutions can be identified to reach the most desirable productivity, up to an amazing capacity of 80 baskets an hour.

Gimeco can design and build centrifuge hot dip galvanizing plants that would go from handling black steel parts to the finishing and packaging of the galvanized product: from automatic zinc skimming to robot-controlled areas, all conjures to reduce the inevitable need for manpower.

New centrifuge hot dip galvanizing installations designed by Gimeco are particularly good for those advanced products that the market is now requesting, such as high strength bolts for wind power installations. Special baskets have been designed for specific product requirements in the promising wind power industry, allowing to reach unprecedented quality on bolts used for wind towers.

Centrifuge hot dip galvanizing