Acid regeneration plant

Pickling acid regeneration systems

A special pickling acid regeneration system is the natural completion to a full hot dip galvanizing plant. Thanks to the use of regeneration systems we can positively impact the environment while elevating the production performance in the plant.

Our industry needs to certainly improve its reputation and improving environmental performance is clearly a great way to do it.

Acids are continuously circulated from the tanks and metals are separated, effectively regenerating the solutions.

Great savings in disposal costs are the main advantage of installing an acid regeneration system in the plant. Any modern hot dip galvanizing installation should include this specific system, which saves money and improves surface quality.  In addition, the great reduction in environmental impact can help the galvanizer in gaining important credits for specific public or private tenders where sustainability is a plus.

Improving their internal technology is something all entrepreneurs should care about. Doing so and reducing environmental impact will dramatically improve stakeholders perception and workers satisfaction.

Pickling acid regeneration systems