Galvanizing plant


General batch or semi-automatic plant

Gimeco offers hot dip galvanizing plants that can fully satisfy all Customers’ needs.

We can design and commission general (batch) hot dip galvanizing plants, as well as automatic pipe or spin galvanizing plants.

Our product range includes standard configuration plants, inclusive of the hot section (galvanizing furnace and dryer) and the chemical pretreatment area (degreasing-pickling-fluxing). However, we can also supply more comprehensive solutions, enriched by automation in lifting and transport of products of all sizes and categories.

Each Gimeco project will be customized to the specific needs of the Customer and analyzed down to the tiniest detail, including support on the analysis of financial viability of the investment.

Our technicians will build a project that would be entirely tailored to the specifics of your company. This includes the capacity to design an installation from a green field scenario or adapt to an existing industrial building (full revamping of existing installations).

We also offer design and technical support for specific product ranges, such as pipes, wireless and power towers, poles, road barriers and many others which entail seamless integration between production and hot dip galvanizing stages, sometimes assisting with product handling outside of the specific galvanizing context.

An industrial hot dip galvanizing installation by Gimeco is completely devoid of bottlenecks, so that the entire process flows efficiently, reducing operating costs and maximizing return on investment.


Galvanizing plant