Productivity control


Production control and management

Gimeco offers a system called MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that allows monitoring the productive resources of a plant.

Productivity control is a key factor in competing in a global market and measuring the efficiency of single processes is the only way to optimize all the resources in a plant (labour and machines).

HerMes is a product that can be adapted to different productions thanks to a model based on the analyses of the operational flow of the company. This system is integrated with the automation network and records all production data directly from the machines, or as input by the operators, associating these data to purchase orders, production schedules or general contracts.

MES is a key element to increase productivity of all resources. While the company management strategy focuses on long term plans, MES contributes to optimize everyday performances and improve the bottom line. Through MES, production is driven by information: any galvanizing plant, no matter how big it is or which product it is galvanized, can take full advantage of it.

Production control and management