Process monitoring systems


Process monitoring and measuring tools

Gimeco thinks that process monitoring is a key factor both for the financial and cultural development of a company. For this reason, all our plants are equipped with accurate systems for measuring and monitoring production and processes that report to control panels and, when possible, to MES  and other supervision systems.

A special example of this approach, Zephir is a system that helps measure gas consumption, burners efficiency, the quantity of heat recovered from exchangers and the quantity of heat otherwise discharged to the flue stack.

On the production side, apart from the usual weighting systems of material, we can equip our rack supports with accurate, legally certified, scales (±5 Kg) that are integrated with our MES system or with the company’s management software. This connection allows to determine the kind of material, the customer it goes to, the correct label and price, and to finally send it directly to the delivery area.

Thanks to our proved experience in the hot dip galvanizing sector, we can supply all the necessary solutions for the modern management of a plant. Gimeco does not only supply the best technology; Gimeco offers its experience, know how, technical skills and customized solutions. Gimeco is a global and reliable partner for any galvanizer!

Process monitoring and measuring tools