Plant Supervision Systems

Systems for plant supervision

Our systems for plant supervision allow to constantly monitor the plant performance and functioning, giving our customers the possibility to evaluate production outputs and dynamics, instantly identifying bottlenecks. At the same time, such software platform provides the Customer an opportunity to monitor production from any location, while it also gives us the opportunity to respond in real time to any request to adjust operational parameters from remote.

This operational model results in a significant increase in production, as the latter is constantly monitored, while arising problems can be instantly identified and solved. Information coming from an array of different sensors scattered through the process is collected by PLC boards at each step and fed into a centralized monitoring software.

Our control systems can also be completely customized and therefore be made extremely easy to use for the operators.

Our offer is enriched by a specific software for managing production and by a sophisticated system for controlling the gas consumption and heat recovery at the galvanizing furnace.

Plant Supervision Systems