Automated systems


Plant automation systems

Gimeco’s vision on automation is clear: plant automation makes the process leaner. Anyone having experience in managing hot dip galvanizing plants will tell you that performance in the factory largely depends on people’s performance. Our automation systems are entirely built on the need to reduce the potential impact of the “human factor”. Gimeco can design automated systems at different levels of complexity, providing them with an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the operators to control the process. Such streamlined automated process allows our Customers to remove the traditional bottlenecks in the cycle, turning careful planning in predictable results and easy to calculate return on investment.

All recent installations around the Globe have been equipped with efficient automation in every area of the plant: from the pickup of racks in the staging area, all the way to the positioning of galvanized materials on un-racking stations, where they will be quickly finished and packaged.

Clear cost cutting on manpower, combined with predictable productivity in the plant, help lowering the bottom line and increasing competitiveness.

Plant automation