Manufacturers of hot dip galvanizing systems

Gimeco Srl was founded in 1976 by Ermes Moroni, still Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company consists of about 90 people and serves 40 countries around the world. With 140 galvanized installation systems we can definitely say ours among the zinc plating makers:
  • Internal designing and engineering of every single component of the line;
  • Raw materials selection and purchasing;
  • Electrical engineering and diagrams writing;
  • In-house software programming to ensure flexibility, monitoring and quality;
  • On-site assembly and setup monitoring;
  • Technology process training;
  • After sale support and maintenance;
  • Research and development of new technologies.

Thanks to innovation, the desire to improve and the great experience we design, design and build organized, efficient and efficient structures, always in the perspective of continuous improvement.

In addition, we are environmentally friendly and safeguarding manufacturers, evaluating solutions that enable important energy recovery and working with the best field vendors to reduce emissions in the atmosphere.